An extraordinary journey of “human” discovery.

Presenting Humanity to Humanity

Meet the author and photographer Helene Tremblay

Helene Tremblay has lived with more than 140 families in 111 countries. From sunrise to sunset, hour by hour, the author, takes part in the thousand little events that weave the everyday life of the majority.  An adventure unfolding over 3 decades.

  Hélène Tremblay’s comparative and unique research:  22 / 111 countries…
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Bringing you the world from then to now. Three decades of research, teaching activity sheets, 140 families more then 111 countries. We are beginning.  Become a volunteer: contact us

20/140 families:  Follow us, the world is coming! 

Little fresh water available

Needing a nap – Fiji

It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human