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Helene Tremblay
Helene Tremblay Researcher, author, photographer and speaker

Pioneer of the view that to know one another is essential to human evolution, Helene Tremblay, initiated the ambitious journey of presenting Humanity to Humanity, an adventure unfolding over 3 decades. In each of the 116 countries travelled she has lived with a family representative of the living conditions of the majority. From sunrise to sunset, hour by hour, she has shared the small events that shape daily lives globally.

This innovative research has provided Helene with an intimate knowledge of the people and societies of humanity and those cultural values and environmental factors that inform their being and striving. In this unique work, Helene invites us to challenge existing notions of family and community and in so doing reconstruct a global outlook that holds each citizen of planet earth central to a shared experience. This project has received support from CIDA, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNESCO as well as companies such as Olympus and Body Shop International.

Author of 15 books depicting an intimate portrait of daily life worldwide, Helen’s books are published and distributed in Canada, USA, Australia and France.

Photographer of a series of thematic works narrating life’s ritualized moments as lived across cultures, Helene’s photographs have been exhibited in France , Germany, twice at the United Nations in New York and at the Cultural Foundation of Abu Dhabi.

Speaker Helene Tremblay has engaged over 100,000 participants in conferences spanning Europe, Africa the Middle East and North America through her inspired ability to bring audiences into the homes, lives and heart of humanity.

An inspirational speaker

Wandering the world with a discerning eye of a visitor welcomed in the families of 116 countries, Helene Tremblay invites you to take an extraordinary journey of human discovery. Using evocative photographs this gifted storyteller transports us through timeless human experiences with paradigm shifting impact.

Helene instills a sense of hope, pride and belonging increasing immeasurably our understanding of our human potential. She inspires us to engage in our commitment and act locally and ultimately challenges us to participate in the “humane” evolution.

Bringing us a new way to see the citizen of planet earth, Helene’s conferences propose important reframing and leaves no one indifferent. We come away uplifted, compelled to reach within and beyond.

Helen speaks to congresses, educational institutions and to the public in both French and English. She has spoken to more than 100,000 people worldwide in The Netherlands, England, France, Belgium, United Arabic Emirates, Mali, Burkina Faso, the USA and Canada

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