We inform  “Humanity about Humanity” 

Let’s meet on Earth is a humane project that provides a global view of the similarities and differences between all the people. It is about the reality that unites us all. The stories reported shine a light on the people’s pride and wisdom. It facilitates our understanding of the themes of: family, housing, youth, education, health, community life, hopes and joys. It recognizes traditional knowledge, spirituality and the relation with nature’s elements. 

 THE  site on the human experience

The situation of the earth’s environment is no longer a secret. Today more and more people admit that it is not the planet but humanity that is in danger.  It is one of the reasons people today are in search of meaningful knowledge to communicate with and about humanity. Parents and teachers are searching for ways to educate responsible world citizens. Young people want to understand and make a difference.  Businesses want to understand other cultures to take their place responsibly in the global market.


More then 25 years ago, author, photographer, researcher and speaker, Helene Tremblay gave herself the mission of presenting Humanity to Humanity so that every one on earth would know with whom they shared the planet and find inspiration in each other. To achieve this, she has gathered, in the last 30 years a unique content on humanity’s intimate daily life through field research in more then 140 families in 111 countries.

From sunrise to sunset, hour by hour, she shares the small events that shape daily lives of families all around the world.

Helene Tremblay’s experience is unique as well as her intimate knowledge of Humanity.

A culture for Peace

The family is the first place of learning about relationships, tolerance cooperation and solidarity. As such, the family can and must contribute to the development of democratic attitudes and behaviors, by fostering freedom of speech of its members, the apprenticeship of dialogue, international mindedness and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. 

  • Recognized as one of the activities of UNESCO’s World Decade for Cultural Development. 

Our ‘connected and wired’ world

Our development: We are producing  this  content and knowledge for the new technologies of communication to link the human network.We work with local visual art specialists and we partner with professionals of today’s digital arts to create the link between people of diverse level of development and infrastructures. The interactive products will be through modern, aesthetic participative design and graphics to ensure a stimulating learning experience. We proposes a new outlook on the world.

The family
Helene Tremblay

It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human