Discovering humanity enables to see how our culture, education and experiences influence the way we  think about issues. It encourages  to understand that there are different views of what is ‘normal’. It participate in developing our international mindfulness.

Educational objectives

For the  development of an international mindfulness 

  •  To compare in an impartial way various concepts about families such as similarities, differences, use of resources…;
  •  To provide a better awareness and overview of problem situations for families in all parts of the world, such as: poverty, child labor, health, environment, changing roles of family members, food security…
  •  To identify the concrete actions to be undertaken for more harmonious family relationships, to accentuate parental responsibility in education for peace and for a more optimistic destiny for this microcosm of society; families of the world.
  •  To develop in each student the appreciation of the cultural heritage received by its own family and the opening to other realities by discovering the families of the world.
  • To integrate information about families around the world, incorporating global educational principles, to facilitate the development of citizens committed to the promotion of peace;
  • To encourage the development of interdependence, tolerance, cooperation, understanding and critical reflection first through discovery of one’s own family, followed by a foray into families around the world;

Activities for 12-15 year-olds 

Activities for 16-20 year olds

  1. Leisure Time
  2. Sanitation
  3. Our Global Community
  4. Change in the Family Situation
  5. Global Similarities
  6. Geopolitics
  7. Visual Forms of Expression
  8. Family Roles and Family Structure
  9. Developing a Global Awareness Project
  10. Cultural Values and Attitudes
  11. Global Statistics
  12. Cultural Lifestyles
  13. Living Condition
  14. Influence of the Media: Who is Right
  15. Hygiene Education
  16. The Highs and Lows of Daily Life
  17. What Will the Future Bring?
  18. Development Issues
  19. Foreign Aid: Government Funding
  20. Equality

You are here and we thank you for you attention! Teachers and young students who discover the world want access to our content on Humanity’s daily life. Today we have that information for more then 140 families in 111 countries. Furthermore, we want to bring you a continuous update on the evolution of daily life in each of these countries. 

Thank you for bringing your support 

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Participate in building an international mindfulness in peaceful citizens of planet earth. 

It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human