Water: A Valuable Resource – Part 1



To appreciate the abundance of clean water in North America

To develop an awareness that our supply of drinking water should not be taken for granted



Science, human geography, health



Cognitive, reflective




Water is a priceless commodity. Those of us who have access to abundant clean water often take it for granted. Many people in other parts of the world spend long hard hours every day fetching water for their family. Often this water is dirty and unsafe to drink, a cause of disease and sickness. This activity will highlight the importance of clean water and encourage participants to appreciate the abundance of drinkable water available to most North American families..



Begin this activity by listing all the uses we have for water. The list should get quite long if you start naming such things as: filling swimming pools, washing cars, filling humidifiers for homes, flooding skating rinks, washing drive ways, etc. Is this water clean? Do we have to walk a long distance to get it?


Read one story from the book to represent: a South American country, a Central American country and a Caribbean country. Participants will list all the uses of water in these countries.


Compare the facts from each country, including Canada, through a discussion. Fact sheets from the book can also be used. Do most families have access to drinking water? Is water readily available? If not, where do the people get it? How is it stored? etc.


Do you know of a community in Canada that has had a problem with its drinking water? How did the problem arise? What has the community done to solve its problem? Could you suggest some other solutions from communities with a similar problem in the future?



Text: Families of the World

Graph paper

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