Home in West Bengal

The thieves are out, put the food away

As her role demands it its only when everyone has been served that Phalan can now sit and eat her lunch. Then the courtyard empties to visit between sisters and friends. Today, they are particularly curious about how the preparation of tomorrow’s feast is going. There will be a Puja at the school in the morning and another one in the afternoon in the center of the village. 

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Natungram is known for its doll making artisan

During the era of kingdoms, landlords owned most of the land. The villager’s and Bijoy’s grandfathers, a carpenter of the cast of the same name (Sutradhar) came from the north to find work and survive. Traditionally, artisans, of the carpenter caste were part of the untouchable and did not possess nor had the right to land. Today, they are learning what it takes to prosper in their skills and art. Natungram is known for its doll making artisan and is a cultural hub of West Bengal.

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The rural craft hub of West Bengal

People came to the village to see their work, they were going to fairs and bringing in income. Suddenly they became a little more important to every one in their community……

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It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human