Everyday Life



To appreciate similarities and differences in people’s lives

To develop an awareness of attitudes and values

To develop new attitudes

Subjects (suggestion) 

Languare arts, social sciences


Reflective, creative


An extended activity


The aim of this activity is to become more aware of everyday life in our own homes. By doing this we can become more aware of the attitudes and values of others and appreciate the importance of family interdependence.

Méthode: (suggestion) 

The educator will choose a story from the book, read it to the group and discuss the writing format that has been used by the author. Copies of the story will be distributed to each participant..

Each person will use this format to write a similar story about their own family. Family members pets, noises, routines, chores, favorite TV shows, etc. should all be included. Photographs, similar to the ones shown in the book, could also be added. It is important for the educator to stress that the story should represent everyday life and not exaggerate the facts.


Text: Families of the World

Writing materials


A book including all the stories written by the group could be put together.