1. Lifestyles:  What is it like to live in __ ?


To appreciate similarities and differences in lifestyles

To become more familiar with the living conditions of others


Social geography, dramatic arts


Cognitive, creative


One hour preparation

One hour interview


The aim of the activity is to become more acquainted with a family from the book.


Knowledge of the criteria needed to design an effective interview


The educator will divide the group into pairs. Each pair will be given a family from the book and asked to decide who will be the interviewer and who will be the interviewee.

The interviewer will represent someone from Canada who knows very little about life in  __.  He/she must write out a list of questions to ask about life in that country.

The interviewee will represent a person from their assigned family, e.g. the son, mother or father.  It will be the interviewee’s responsibility to learn about the family’s lifestyle so as to be adequately prepared to answer the questions.

The interview will be presented to the group.  The audience can make notes of the points mentioned. Discussion will follow.


Text:  Families of the World

Ressource materials if needed

Writing materials