Cows like long grass; sheep like it short.

The sheep have to be herded farther away. If they graze too long in one place, the grass will die and not grow again. In two or three days, Sereeter’s family will move to an ungrazed area of the steppe, about three kilometers away

The choice of a place to settle is important. There must be water and good grass. The grasses vary, depending on the winds and the temperature. Cows like long grass; sheep like it short. 

Do not dirty the fire!

I had hay fever and was surprised when they told me not to throw my tissues in the flames. “So as not to dirty the fire,” they explained. In these moments I was happy to have a good interpreter who could explain how the culture of her people was linked to their respect for the Earth.

Then they asked me to take with me my garbage with me when I left. It was the first time I left a family taking my garbage with me.


Going without leaving a trace

To live without ever producing rubbish that cannot be returned to the Earth, to go without leaving a trace as they did twenty times a year, isnt that inspiring? It brought me to ask: “Is it better to be developed or inspired?“

A day…

It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human