a conference, a talk, a master class, a semester
with Helene Tremblay

Wandering the world with the discerning eye of a visitor welcomed into the families of 116 countries, Helene Tremblay invites you to take an extraordinary journey of human discovery. Using evocative photographs this gifted storyteller transports us through timeless human experience with paradigm shifting impact.

Helene instills a sense of hope, pride and belonging, increasing immeasurably our understanding of our human potential. She inspires us to engage in our commitment and act locally and and in so doing ultimately challenges us to participate in”humane” evolution.

Helene proposes an important reframing. Her conferences leave no one indifferent. We come away uplifted, compelled to reach within and beyond.

Helene Tremblay is an inspirational speaker and has spoken to more then 100,000 people worldwide in countries such as: The Netherlands, England, France, Belgium, United Arabic Emirates, Jordan, India, Oman, Mali, and Burkina Faso, the United States and at home in Canada


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