Originally inhabited by Indians who migrated from

South America

1502: Discovery by Christopher Columbus

1520s: Settlement established by Hemandez de Cordoba

Administered as part of the Captaincy of Guatemala

1740-86: Britain daims Mosquito Coast as a protectorate

September 15, 1821: Independence

1821- 39: Member of the United Provinces of Central America

1856-57: U.S. soldier William Walker seizes presidency but is ousted by alliance of Central American states

1912- 33: Occupation by U.S. Marines

1934: Assassination of General Augusto César Sandino, whose guerrilla group had been defying the U.S . intervention since 1927

1936: Dictatorial Somoza regime

1962: Creation of FSLN, the Sandinista National Liberation Front

1979: Somoza flees the country; the Sandinistas take power.

and then…..The Nicaraguan_Revolution – (wikipedia