A pocket full of gold nuggets

A gold deposit has been found in a nearby mountain. No one from the exterior can mine it yet. The mountain belongs to different clans, now at war, and the government can’t reach any agreement with them. In the meantime, the tribe’s men seem to pick up gold as needed. One day, a warrior down from the city to help with the war, comes to me. He is a handsome man. His blue-jeans and muscled torso give him a very modern look, save for the bow and arrows slung over his shoulder. Arriving near me, he reaches in his pocket and produces a handful of big gold nuggets. I think to myself that, perhaps, I should go there too, my project badly needs the funding!

If they come you run, I am told

We can see fires rising in the mountains, men are plundering and burning houses. “If they come this way to burn our house, you run!” Lus told me before going to bed. In reality, I don’t think I have slept at all when in Pitapaya. We slept, ate and lived with three little pigs. Only two doctors knew of my whereabouts and at the time, I was unaware of the real dangers I faced. Luckily, I am and have always felt safe when with a family.

One wife cost 19 pigs

Only Lunama is here since the beginning. Homoko Alembo must share his time and the best pig morsels equally among his wives. He is closely watched. Four of them are scrapping about it. Without hesitation, he sends them all back to their former homes and buys four new ones!! He has to pay 19 pigs for each. I listen to him telling me his story, concluding: “The prices have increased, the first ones were cheaper!” I agree and add that this is a global trend, prices are going up everywhere on the planet. I can’t help but ponder my own market value. Do I have one?

What about all of Homoko’s children? He doesn’t know exactly how many he has. He doesn’t know his age either, but remembers how tall he was the first time he saw a plane. It was during the Second World War.

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It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human