THE NAME: In honor of the Catholic Saviour

THE PEOPLE: The Salvadoreans

Mountain ranges running east to west divide the countryinto three distinct regions:
South: narrow Pacific coastal belt
Center: subtropical region of valleys and plateaus with rich volcanic soils
North: mountainous region; several volcanoes still active 
Max. altitude: 2,381 m. (7,812 ft.) (Santa Ana volcano)

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Originally inhabited by Pipil Indians
1524: Conquest by Spaniard Pedro de Alvarado
Administered until its independence as part of the Captaincy of Guatemala
September 15, 1821: Independence
1821- 40: Member of the United Provinces of Central America
Political turmoil until 1931, the beginning of a succession of military dictatorships
1969: Brief war with Honduras due to immigration of Salvadoreans to Honduras
1984: Election of President José Napoleon Duarte

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