Calculate just enough for every mouth to feed

For the past fifteen years, Lucia has worked for the national tobacco company. Until last year she rolled tobacco in the town factory, a tiring and monotonous job. Now she has been transferred to the company’s day-care center and is in charge of the infants. The promotion brought her a much needed wage increase. Left alone by her husband six years ago, Lucia has struggled to provide enough food for the children. Fortunately, another sister, who is a teacher in the northern part of the country, sends her money for clothes.

Exchange the ration card for the month’s allotment

Ligia lights the fire to cook the black beans. Gas is scarce and to economize, long cooking jobs are done over a wood fire. Nelson and Denis then leave with a gas bottle; they will have to stand in line for at least three hours to exchange their ration card for this month’s allotment.

The young people for the harvest, the adults for the defense of the nation

During a study break the children excitedly discuss their vacation, which in fact is three months of work harvesting coffee beans. All over Nicaragua students and teachers volunteer for the coffee harvest, the country’s primary resource. Even Javier will go. His employer is required to give him leave. “The young people for the harvest, the adults for the defense of the nation,” reads a popular political slogan. The Briones children feel strongly about helping their country.

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