9:00 Grandfather Zago has his morning free, so he joins other elders to watch a neighbour slaughter his pig. The men’s talk will be enlivened by rice whiskey. He can drink in peace. Adjo has agreed that the family will live together as long as the old man is still alive. Since their wealth is based on the number of their workforce and their diligence, this makes sense anyway.

4:15 Everyone is home. Atse is washing his clothes at the public standpipe; like all Akha men, he is responsible for his personal belongings. In front of the house, Adjo excitedly discusses his day’s purchase with a group of men. For just a little more money, he bought a male and a pregnant female buffalo. Like a man who has just bought his first used car, Adjo looks for his friends’ approval. He has borrowed money that he must pay back in 17 days, if he does not want to pay interest, and hopes the finished harvest will bring that amount.

It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human