Not a drop of blood

“The Sereeter kill the goat for my arrival. The hospitality for these solitaries of the steppes is serious and impressive to me. Not a drop of blood, not a cry of the beast. They respect it and make sure that there is no suffering. I love freedom and immensity and I feel like I’m starting a stay that will be out of the ordinary. Once the tension of the first encounters is gone, a peace and a friendship settles down. The interpreter seems happier than I am. “When one is born in Mongolia, one dies in Mongolia,” she said, expressing the pride that inhabits the Mongols.”

In this country of vast steppe and little forest, dung is used for cooking and to warm the colourful home. Ayushjav embroiders to decorate the house and nothing is left unadorned. She makes  everyone’s clothes and works the skin and the fur of the animals pour winter clothes and house’s wall protection

A day…

It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human