Putting down the walls

There are many who are looking for solutions to Humanity’s pains and misfortunes. Many speak of our inner peace as well as peace on Earth. It is impossible to be interested in this without trying to bring our own solutions. I found mine in the Pacific Islands

In Papua New Guinea, there are wall and trenches between clans and, in some countries, people begin by building walls before building their houses. In Kiribati, Tuvalu and Western Samoa, we lived in a house without walls and it was such a moving act to lie down on a mat next to the others with the full moon as our blanket.

For those who live in cold countries, this exercise might be difficult but, by closing our eyes, we can imagine life in a house without walls, then life in a country where all the houses have no walls, then we can expand our minds and imagine life everywhere on the planet where all houses would have no walls. Then, we will know exactly what rules it takes to live together in a world of peace. Despite our taste for freedom, there is no life or peace possible in our hearts and on the Earth without some life rules in place. 

To live with others is an art. We must first let the walls fall. First we need to get rid of those internal walls which stop us from smiling. Then, get rid of the ones that stop us from smiling at our neighbors. The Berlin wall has fallen, but others are rising today that we must pull down before there is peace on our planet

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