tsi! tsi! tsi! tsi! tsi!

With her sportive and Tomboy walk, Beti follows the fences of branches that have been put up to separate the new divided village plot returned to the original owners. 

There is not much left of the school Beti enters in ten minutes after having left home. The broken cement floor is dusty and there are no more light bulbs. She sits dawn at the double desk with a classmate so they can share a book. No more books, no more writing pads and pencils left, the wind comes through the glass broken windows and in one corner the old wooden stove used for the winter cold days. The math teacher uses the leftovers of a chalk to write a problem. It can hardly be read on what used to be a blackboard but which is now used and gray. “The lack of materials in the country does not stimulate us to give classes and all the opening up to the world make the children less attentive then before.” says the teachers.

Nevertheless, tsi! tsi! tsi! tsi! tsi! like bees and with their bands up, the children are calling their teacher to be the one chosen to answer. One more year in this rundown school and Desi will walk down to Klas for her highschool studies.

A day…

It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human